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Ages ago in the mists of time, there was a Great War. The Gods, the greatest of the sorcerers, the paragons of the wizards, and the Dragons, the mightiest of all fought for supremacy among themselves. As we all know, the Dragons won . . . but at such a cost. Heaven and Earth were torn asunder, the world itself was wounded near unto death. At the last, the Gods and wizards gave the last of their magic to bind the world together . . .

                      The last of the sorcerers had allied with the dragons and they too used their                           powers to bring the world back to life but the world had changed. No longer                             the vast fields and towering mountains, the long seas and deep forest, now                           we are all adrift on islands in the Sea of Stars. Only the last strength of the                           Gods and the mighty heart of the Dragon Queen keeps us for drifting                                       apart forever.


                        Welcome to the Sea of Stars setting, a world literally shattered by magic and                         now only saved from destruction by that same magic. A world ruled by                                     dragons, who are distant autocratic rulers. Dragons are rarely seen, but their                         influence is immense, their power undoubted, they are worshiped, loved,                                 feared and hated by the common folk. Most people will never see a dragon                             except at a distance, but their magic and strength lies like a shadow over the                         lands, enforcing the laws of the Dragon Queen, exacting tribute and crushing                         opposition to the Dragons' Rule.

                        The vast interplay of magic and the isolation of the various regions of the                             world have lead to the evolution of strange and wonderful lifeforms and                                 cultures, yet all are in thrall to the Dragon Queen and her Court of Seven                                 Stars. However, slowly building in strength are the forces of change, of                                 rebellion, those that would see the Dragon Queen cast down and the lands                             freed from her rule. Some oppose her tyranny, others the harsh laws of the                             dragons, still others seek the chance to supplant the Draconic rule with their                         own, but whatever their motives are, they are bound together by their                                     opposition to the dragons.

                        Magic is omnipresent, from gossamer bridges linking the floating islands of                             the world, to sorcerous airships and enchanted castles. Magic infuses almost                         everything to one degree or another. The greatest center of magic, learning                             and art in the Sea of Stars is the palace city of the Dragon Queen herself,                             Shel’lioc, or as it is known to most ‘The Lair.’ Within the palace city, it is said,                         are wonders undreamed of, as all the greatest treasures of man, god and                                 dragon are contained in that place.

Images to Inspire:
  Super Nova Exploding Star